"Designing the perfect solution to a tough problem is the best part about being a software engineer."

This site started more as a solution looking for a problem. I knew I wanted to showcase my web skills with an online resumé, but most of the websites I build do something; they're not purely communicative, like this one. (They're also never about me, which makes this harder.) But, I like a challenge, so this is my attempt at an online profile/resumé.


I'm a software engineer, currently employed at ARMtech Insurance Services, Inc. I work on the Mapping Team, building a web-based frontend to our geospatial data, similar in concept to Google Maps (but with a munch of their features, like multiple layers, user-drawn shapes, editing, etc.) I also write a large number of node.js based services (not always directly related to mapping).


When I'm not working with the latest web technologies, I'm working on personal projects including writing a MMORPG in Erlang and C++/QML. I've been leading a small group of people on this project for several years, and though we've gone through several rewrites, it's been a huge learning tool.

In addition to programming, I also write fiction, as well as work with my wife on several of her illustration projects. The two if us even have an infrequently updated webcomic.


ARMtech Insurance Services, Inc. 2012 - Current

I work on the Mapping Team, focusing on using web technologies to build the next generation of our geospatial application. In addition, I write and maintain several node.js services.

KGB, Inc. 2009 - 2012


Texas Tech, University 2008 - 2009


This site is a work in progress. It will be finished at some point.